Policies & Guidelines

While visiting a Cowboy Luxury Cabin, we would appreciate you keeping in mind the Cabin you are staying in is owned by someone probably much like yourself. We ask that you treat the property and premises with the same care and respect as though you owned it yourself...

Thank You.

Cabin Availability

Please check the specific cabin page for dates you plan on visiting. Reservation dates are not guaranteed until your booking is confirmed. Confirmation will not be made prior to receipt of valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) information.

Cabin Rental Rates

Rental rates vary per cabin, length of stay and season. Seasonal dates and rates are listed individually for each cabin.

Reservation Stay

A three night minimum stay is required during Holiday and Peak seasons. Otherwise, 2 nights is the minimum stay.

Payments & Confirmation

Booking Reservations are confirmed with a valid Visa, Master Card or Discover card. Reservations made less than 14 days from arrival require immediate payment in full. Reservations made more than 14 days in advance require a $100 non-refundable deposit. Credit card on file will be charged the remaining balance 14 days prior to arrival and check-in.

Reservation Cancellation

A reservation may be cancelled more than 14 days prior to check-in, subject to the non-refundable $100 deposit. Cancellations or visitation date changes within 14 day arrival window will be charged and responsible for the full amount of stay (there will be no refunds), unless the cabin is rebooked by another party for the same period. Trip insurance is available through a 3rd party. Weather conditions do not constitute an exception to the cancellation policy.

Damage Deposit

We do not charge a damage deposit on your card prior to check-in. Please note that guests are liable for damages whatever the cost. Nothing will be charged to the card if there is no damage to the cabin. Damage is considered anything else other than normal use. Any damage must be reported prior to check-out by guest.

Pet Policy

Some of the cabins do allow dogs. The ‘pet policy’ is listed on the specific cabin page. If dogs are allowed, the maximum number is two. No other animals are allowed. Please note, excessive pet hair or any urine stains will result in an additional $100.00 cleaning charge to be processed to your credit card on file. Failure to comply with the cabins that have a No pet policy will result in an eviction, and an additional cleaning charge of $100.00

Cleaning Policy

Prior to check out, guest need to empty all trash receptacles, load and start the dishwasher. Please place any towels in washing machine and start before departing. Remove all food from the refrigerator. An additional $100 cleaning charge will be assessed if property is left untidy.

Hot Tub

Please do not stand, sit or jump on the hot tub cover. Do not add any soap or bubble solutions to the hot tub water. Please shower prior to entering the hot tub as to remove any lotions or oils from your body. No food is allowed in the hot tub. For your safety, do not use or drink from a glass container while in the hot tub and keep the hot tub cover on when not in use. The replacement cost for the hot tub cover is $400.00 if damaged.

Accidents & Liability

Neither Cowboy Luxury Cabins, or the cabin owner is responsible or liable for any guest injuries due to negligence or actions of the guest. Be safe.

Check-In and Check-Out Times

1 to 3 Bedroom cabins Check-In after 4 pm and Check-Out before 11 am. 4+ Bedroom cabins Check-In after 4 pm and Check-Out before 11 am. No exceptions. This policy is in place as to allow time for the cabin and property to be cleaned and sanitized for every guest.

Taxes and Fees

Total payment due from renter/visitor will include any applicable sales and lodging taxes.

Policy Changes

These policies change periodically. If you have questions about the policies or guidelines contact us via our Contact page or call: 580-665-5558.